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How to Clean an Air Fryer

The worse thing about cooking is cleaning afterwards! Cleaning and properly maintaining your air fryer will…

ByByMissyNov 1, 20186 min read

Best Large Capacity Air Fryers – Reviews for the Top 5 Large Air Fryers

The Best Large Air Fryers For Families If your family is in the market for…

ByByMissyOct 29, 201815 min read

Air fryer vs Nuwave Oven – Which is Better?

Every year unique and clever cooking appliances hit the market to help meet the demands…

ByByMissyOct 26, 201810 min read

Best Air Fryer Oil Misters and Oil Sprayers

The Best Air Fryer Oil Misters, Sprayers and Bottles! As odd as it might sound,…

ByByMissyOct 25, 201813 min read