How Does an Air Fryer Work?

When new technologies and products hit the market, curiosity gets the best of people and they want to know how these new things work. One of those new cooking appliances is the airfryer, which has taken the market by storm in the past few years, both in the US and worldwide. Much different than Nuwave ovens, … Read more

Air Fryer Health Benefits

The spike in popularity of air fryers has many people asking the question: are there any health benefits to using an air fryer? It is a valid question, especially when determining if they are a healthier cooking option when compared to deep fryers. In order to determine how healthy, or what even healthy means, there … Read more

Air Fryer vs Convection Oven

Imagine if you could cook everything you normally would with a convection, but also fry, grill and roast much faster! Fortunately, with the introduction of the air fryer kitchen appliance, this is now a reality for all cooks and kitchens across the US and world! The two technologies have many similarities and differences, and an … Read more